Sharing the Local Love Image

Sharing the Local Love

Mosby Poinsett is very excited about all of the local support we have received!! There are many providers from the Greenville and surrounding areas that have donated some AWESOME goods. Due South Coffee provided Mosby Poinsett with a state of the art coffee machine. Coffee lovers will appreciate having the convenience of making a shot of epresso to start the day or even a mocha latte with a quick trip to the clubhouse. Imagine the bucks you will save while enjoying this local brew. Pedal Chic out of Greenville donated two extraordinary bikes! Oh, and one is a tandem bike! These will seriously come in handy when the grocery store and shops open up just down the street. Familiar Goods provided us with pillows in the club house! The pillows are INCREDIBLE. They even have the coordinates of Greenville in the event you ever need them! Familiar Goods also provided residents with their move in gifts. Lastly, Brent’s Woodwork and Design made awesome baskets for the back of the bikes! Perfect for toting around any groceries or goods one might have! Thanks again to all of the wonderful providers, we are really feeling the love!